About Us

Bluestone Consulting, LLC is a group of like-minded software developers that like making interesting things happen with code. We have specialties in computer vision, machine learning, DevOps, and most other aspects of software dev and IT.

Our Specialties

Computer Vision

Over the last 10 years our team members have shipped many Computer Vision software products ranging from RGB+Depth exercise tracking to patient monitoring. We’ve used a variety of frameworks and techniques from OpenCV and AForge.NET to highly-specialized and performant custom computer vision algorithms built on CV fundamentals.

Machine Learning and Data Science

From deep learning convalutional neural networks to binary decision trees and everything in between, we’ve used large and small scale machine learning techniques for prototyping, testing, and production code. We go with the data, so have helped build massive testing architectures on distributed and cloud computing platforms.


We’ve handled scaling, cost-management, monitoring, and security for production systems with thousands of concurrent users in Azure, AWS, Heroku, and self-hosted environments. Continuous integration and deployment systems are second nature, including container-based and serverless environments where it makes sense.

Full-Stack & Mobile Development

Our team has been building things with code for decades. We’ve worked with most recent web development, frontend, database, and mobile technologies out there. One of our more current stacks is a React Native app talking to a .NET Core WebAPI backend with a SQL Azure DB hosted in Azure on Linux. If a particular infrastructure makes sense, we can help you run it.